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More people Not enough land ! 😕

The repopulation of rural America is real. Over the past few years, a perfect storm of factors has enhanced rural appeal, and that demand supercharged an already hot land market. Low land inventory has made it one of the most challenging times ever for land buyers. Attempting to buy rural...

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10 Tips To Avoid Investment FraudTip #1 - Check out the Person Offering Investment Deals:Nevada law requires most securities and the people selling them to be registered by the state. Check them out with the Nevada Securities Division BEFORE YOU INVEST by calling Las Vegas 702-486-2440 or toll-free 1-800-758-6440. Other...

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Rezoning Land

TO REZONE or NOT to REZONE There are a lot of factors that you need to pay attention to when buying land, and zoning is one of the most important. How a property is zoned gives you a ton of information about what you can and cannot do with it,...

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Adjectives. Your ad. Your Wording.

There are numerous adjectives to use when describing a particular parcel of land for sale.However, there are several that "literally" no longer have any meaning. to start, here are several. Beautiful, Gorgeous, Rare, Featured, etc.These adjectives have been "overkilled".Example of 1 company's overkill on a few words, but you will...

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Getting started in Real Estate investing

Getting Started in Real Estate InvestingIt seems like more and more people are investing in real estate lately. Is this the right time to try it for yourself?If all goes well, investing in property can help you build wealth and generate passive income.But this endeavor requires careful planning, of course,...

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